About Me


My name is Kelly Thistlethwaite, I am a Yorkshire lass and I inspire people to care for themselves and to love the life they lead.

I know that life is busy and that things get in the way of us making time for ourselves, but we must. No one else can look after your wellbeing but you. I know what stress feels like and how important it is to be able to identify and manage it to prevent illness and disease both in the mind and body.  So, my aim is to help you to 'do stress' better. To identify it, to manage it and intern, to 'do life' better. 

I have felt stressed and unwell at points both through my education and career and, so I have created workshops to help people to avoid and manage this. We are all human and feeling out of balance is normal, but it is possible to work to avoid it too.

My background is in Sports Rehabilitation. Since qualifying I have worked in sports clubs, private clinics, the military center of excellence for rehabilitation and Help for Heroes recovery center in Catterick where I was a Physical Development Coach specializing in Health and Wellbeing. I have vast experience with a wide range of physical and mental health conditions. I understand the deep connection between the body and mind in injury recovery, sporting performance, and everyday life.

I have done Yoga on and off for years, but my yoga journey really started 3 years ago. I have completed a 10-day Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Mindfulness course and my 200hr Yoga Instructor training qualification at Kripalu in America. I am a Wellbeing Coach, a massage therapist (specializing in the Myo-Fascial Release, Swedish and Ayurvedic Yogic Massage) and a swim coach.

I am a keen athlete and have enjoyed competing in triathlon events such as half and full IronMan distances, open water swims, mountain marathons and many more adventurous outdoor events. I am also a keen cyclist and love being out on my bike…I’d rather go up than down!

I love sun sets and sun rises, to cuddle my cat, the great outdoors, to be inspired by others, pie and chips, lift weights, laugh out loud, yoga leggings (this is one of my obsessions!), to set goals that I at first think are unachievable and smash them, visit new places,  practice yoga, Yorkshire tea, to sit by a fire and read a book, challenge myself, giggle with friends, make memories with my family, meet new people, to go on adventures with my husband, to walk amongst the trees and a good glass of red.

I work to inspire others, be enthusiastic with a calm spirit and offer my wealth and depth of knowledge to enhance your life.

Until we meet, be well.