Public Classes




Huddersfield, West Yorkshire




I teach at the Punch Bar and Tapas in Honley on Tuesday evenings. It is a lovely small class of 10 so booking is essential. For more information please contact us or to book your place click here. Information about my classes are below:  


6.30pm-7.30pm: Hatha Yoga 

7.45pm-8.45pm: Vinyasa Yoga 


Pay as you go or you can buy a 5 or 10 class pass 


Let's tell you a bit more info about our classes.....


Punch Bar and Tapas in Honley is a fab venue for our classes. The restaurant is closed for the night and turned into a yoga studio. With a skylight above us, we can gaze at the clouds, birds and night sky whilst doing our thing. The venue is cosy and has soft lighting to help create an inviting atmosphere. Classes are limited to 10 people so booking is essential for this unique venue.



Gentle Hatha Yoga Class:

Hatha Yoga is a gentle practice which will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. Hatha translates to Sun (ha) and Moon (tha) and is referred to as the yoga of balance. We start with breath work to relax your nervous system, heart rate, and blood pressure and to start our mindful practice by bringing your attention to the moment after your busy day. You are guided through somebody scans and breathing exercises to aid your experience and to teach you tools that you can use throughout our days to reduce stress. 


Vinyasa Yoga Class:


Vinyasa means to move or flow and is a sequence of postures seamlessly places together to create heat, strength, and movement in the body, breath, and mind. This class is open to all so please don't feel that if you are a beginner that you cant come along...because you can. For each posture, different options are given again to ensure that you feel good in your body and to inspire you with confidence in your body. 


We start with breath work to enable us to bring our attention to the moment, to check in with our mind, body, and breath after our busy day and to really start to practice paying attention to ourselves. We move through a series of postures that will challenge you to 'find your edge'- the place in a posture that is challenging but that is not painful or causing injury. We build strength, flexibility, and range of movement with heat and speed of movement which often means that we are hot, sweating and giggling whilst practising. We finish with a guided relaxation to allow your body time to cool down, begin to feel the benefits of your practice and to give you a few moments to catch your breath. 


This class is for you if you like a more energetic practice if you would like to build core, upper body, and leg strength. If you would like to work on your balance and challenge your thoughts of 'not being strong enough' to come along. Because you are stronger than you think and are more than capable of joining our class. So come along. We can't wait to meet you.




On Thursdays, I teach at Crossfit Ironfort in Holme Valley just outside Holmfirth. The Crossfit box has a small cosy room which fits 8 and the classes are for members and non-members. These classes are both Vinyasa classes and to book you contact the box. The details are on the poster below or you can click the link to Crossfit Ironfort Facebook page. 


7.30pm-8.30pm: Vinyasa Yoga

£8 non-members and £5 for members 



Richmond, North Yorkshire:

I offer pop up classes in beautiful Richmond, North Yorkshire once a month from Catterick Leisure Centre. I post my pop up class details on my Facebook page so please keep an eye out or contact me for more information.