What is Wellbeing Coaching


Wellbeing Coaching is an opportunity to check in with your physical and mental health. To talk through what is working well for you in your life, to look at areas that you may wish to improve or change and to goal set and give you tools to make these changes. You will be made to feel welcome and relaxed before we start. We will then start the conversation and see where it takes us. My coaching style is calm, friendly and honest. I am kind, fun and do not judge. I will challenge you and ask the questions you may not want to face or maybe don't know the answers to yet. I will guide and give you tools to figure the answers out for yourself.


A little bit more about me...



My name is Kelly, I am a Yorkshire lass and I inspire people to care for themselves and to love the life they lead.

I believe that life is too short to live it any other way and that anything we put our minds to is possible. I believe that we are stronger than we think and more capable than we could ever imagine, and I support people to truly feel that. To feel powerful, unstoppable and full of potential. Because when you do, that’s when the magic happens. That is when we feel confident to be exactly the person that we are. We feel good in our skin, we put fear aside and we live in the moment and thrive.

I know that life is busy and that things get in the way of us making time for ourselves, but we must. No one else can look after your wellbeing but you. I know what stress feels like and how important it is to be able to identify and manage it to prevent illness and disease both in the mind and body.  So, my aim is to help you to 'do stress' better. To identify it, to manage it and intern, to 'do life' better. 

I have felt stressed and unwell at points both through my education and career and am passionate about helping people to avoid and manage this.

We are all human and feeling out of balance is normal, but it is possible to work to avoid it too.




The sessions will take place at Cocoon in Holmfirth or over the phone if you are not local or you would prefer.




It is important that we connect in order for the sessions to work. So I offer an initial phone consultation for free to explain what I can offer and to be honest, to see if we get on. Sessions thereafter are 60minutes and cost £40. You can have as many sessions as you feel is needed. I often run between 4-5 weekly/fortnightly sessions with people initially and then have 'check in' sessions which are less frequent, for example, every few months to review and support as needed.


Let's start the conversation


If you have got this far down the page I am guessing that this is something that is interesting you. So let's start the conversation. There is no pressure to then book in or continue with any coaching. Contact me and we can schedule your free consultation either on 07931 501 118 or kelly@yorkshireyogi.com 


Until we meet, be well.


Don't just take my word for it....

"Kelly delivers a package of elements which I have always known, but I needed to meet her to learn to be able to put the elements together myself. With her help, I am able to tweak my body and soul every day myself now and have learned how to maximise the opportunities to generate the endorphins, the natural pain relievers, to keep me happy, positive and able to deal with my life.  From Kelly, I have learned the art of relaxation at home, to adjust my posture, to stretch, to continue to enjoy the movement of any kind and recognize my good fortune in my surroundings. Kelly combines an inherent interest in whoever she meets, their welfare and their individual circumstances and never seeks to be intrusive. The icing on the cake is made up of the words, a few thought-provoking statements, compelling you to face their meaning because you know they make sense.  Then she brings you out of it and you find yourself resolving to take some action. It might take some time, several sessions, but eventually, the penny drops and you can steer your way through. As a result, I will not now accept being badly treated, I am comfortable in my own skin and value my own achievements and those of my children. Kelly resonates healthy lifestyle, healthy eating. Kelly’s Kode should be on prime time TV.In adopting her Kode, the nation would be healthier, happier"

Former teacher, North Yorkshire