Happy Mother’s Day

  • Posted On: 26 March 2017
Happy Mother’s Day

I must say that I am very lucky to have a mum like mine. I know that not everyone feels this lucky about their mum so think of a female figure in your life that has been nurturing to you. Someone that has been there for you, offering you guidance and support and love.

I know that Mother’s Day shouldn’t be the only time to celebrate and thank the mummies of the world but it’s a good reminder Isn’t it. Let’s face it, after the pain they went through to give birth it is the least we can do! Now, I haven’t had any children of my own just yet but I’ve watched one born every minute and it terrifies me! My mum always say how you forget about the pain and that it’s all worth it, either she’s lying because she wants more grandchildren or its true 😊

The sacrifice that our mothers or mother figures have given us is inspiring don’t you think? To look afterus, nurture us and guide us. They watch us grow up into independent men/women and pick up the pieces when things go wrong or we need to borrow some money etc. It is unconditional love and how amazing is that!

My mum is kind, funny, down to earth and always has chocolate in the fridge and freezer (for those that prefer it from the freezer😊) She loves to dance to rock and roll music with my dad, watch her programmes and pop into town on a Saturday to get her jobs done. She is down to earth and makes a mean crisp sandwich. Above all, my mum has always encouraged me to chase my dreams, try my best and be happy. For all that you have done and continue to do mum, thank you. I am the person I am today because of you. I love you.

Why not tell your mum how grateful you are for her this Mother’s Day. Either in words or a letter. If your mum is no longer with us try it too. Remember all of the wonderful things about your mum and how grateful you are to have had them.

Your mum will love it and you will feel great too.

Lots of love and Yorkshire Puddings

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