My Wakey Wakey Spring is here Workshop

  • Posted On: 25 March 2017
My Wakey Wakey Spring is here Workshop

A week ago today I held my 'Wakey Wakey Spring is here' workshop at Natural Retreats in Richmond North Yorkshire.

The workshop created space for people to slow down, relax and leave feeling refreshed and recharged. The theme was Spring , new beginnings, growth and light…and I must say that Spring is my favourite time of year. To me Spring feels more like the new year than 1st January to me. I love the flowers, lighter mornings and nights and the new energy that I get. It is lush!

So, to share my love for spring, nature, Yoga and let’s not forget food (I love food!), the workshop included a gentle fun yoga class, a forest bath walk, some beautiful refreshments and a juicy guided relaxation class. Sprinkled into the workshop were journal questions to help people reflect on what this time of year means to them. Some of the questions included ‘what can I let go off in my life and what can I welcome this spring to help with growth and new beginnings’ also, ‘How can I best support myself in these intentions this spring’. Some people had never journaled before but everyone took the time to delve into the questions and start to bring the focus of the day to themselves. Which was the point of the workshop….to focus on yourself for a change.

Our lives are so busy and filled with tasks for others: our family and friends, our job, our pets etc. and these are wonderful but all in balance. When do you spend time in your week for you…just you? And it’s not a selfish act…its essential.

The age range of people was 25yrs to 64yrs old and we had complete beginners, to yogis that have been practicing for years. My yoga class was fully inclusive welcoming beginners and offering options to advance posers for others. I Included lovely hip and heart openers to help us welcome the new as well as some power poses to empower us to grow and act on our intentions including embodying our inner Worrier and Goddess, I love those two posers.  They focus on confidence, strength, courage and in a nut shell being awesome…. I feel like I can take on the world once I’ve done those two!

Our Forest Bath walk was an opportunity for us to get some fresh air, learn about nature and the season and connect in a way that you may never have experienced before. We were all encouraged to find a space, close our eyes and listen for what felt like 30minutes but was only 5. This mindful exercise of listening to the birds and the gentle breeze was so grounding and beautiful. We were then asked to find something (a twig, fern cone, stone, leaf) make a wish or affirm our intention noted in our journaling and leave this gift in the forest. Now I know this may sound ‘out there’ and ‘hippy’…but trust me it simply felt amazing. Some people even took something from the forest home with them with their wish/intension in mind to remind them once the workshop had finished. Faith is fantastic, so knowledgeable and inviting and she can charm even the most sceptical people into wanting to throw caution to the wind and hug a tree!

At the end of our forest bath we took our shoes and socks off and walked bare foot on the grass just outside the venue (after walking up a steep hill to earn our refreshments may I just add). My feet felt incredible after this…as if they have been massaged or had reflexology. Just fabulous. And for anyone thinking about the mud situation we had that covered too with wipes and towels to freshen up before going back inside.

We then enjoyed some beautiful food that had been prepared for us by Wilfred Deli and Pantry in Richmond. The frittata was amazing, the whipped goats cheese, citrus zest and rosemary on sourdough just delicious and the brownie was to die for. The beautiful group were very sociable and it was great to have a good natter with everyone.

To finish off I delivered a guided relaxation session. A great opportunity to learn breathing techniques and body scans to aid our nervous systems in ‘coming down from our day’, to switch our minds off and to benefit from the magic that meditation and mindfulness can bring.

I loved spending my day with you all, I floated home and was left with such a warm feeling. I love creating space for people and encouraging them to connect and put themselves first and to love and nurture themselves. We are all doing our best, we are all human and we are all good enough…we just sometimes forget and give ourselves a hard time. So as the Spice Girls would say ‘Stop right now, thank you very much’…no more negative thoughts or beating yourself up for all of things that you haven’t achieved yet or are not good at. Stay positive and give yourself credit for all that you do. Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what you think of yourself…. say ‘I love you ‘I and ‘ I am proud of you’. Please try this and let me know how it made you feel. It’s so amazing I promise! Take a walk in the woods, move your body, breath and enjoy some beautiful food. Welcome all that you desire in your life and let go of the things that just brings you down. Spring is the time of new beginnings. Enjoy what spring brings for you.

Lots of love and Yorkshire puddings.

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