Yoga for Beginners

  • Posted On: 3 April 2017
Yoga for Beginners

Yoga: That thing that people do who are really flexible, thin and love to wear tight and bright leggings….or at least that’s what people normally say when I ask them if they have tried yoga before. People often also say that they feel intimidated and nervous to try a class. Not only because they think that they will not be able to do it but also at the thought of trying not to fart for 60mins!

I spend most of my days reassuring people that yoga really is for all and to give it a go. So, I would like to put your mind at ease and fill you with confidence to go out and try a class. Ask yourself these two questions…Can I move my body in some way? Can I breathe? And if the answer is yes…then you can do yoga! You just have to convince your mind that you can too…and this is the bit that normally gets us stuck and makes us chicken out of things.

The mind will probably tell you that you cant do yoga, you are so inflexible, you are not strong enough etc etc…but don’t listen. Or even better…change the record. Press play on a different tune that says ‘Yes I can’. Yoga is an ancient practice from the East which has been very popular in the west for many years. There are pictures of yogis all over the world creating these weird and wonderful shapes with their bodies which is great to see and inspiring but it’s not the only aspect of yoga that is on offer.

Yoga is about the Body, Mind and Breath and the link between the three. It’s about how we live our lives, how we nourish our bodies, communicate with ourselves and others and looks at how we can skilfully participate in life. We don’t have to be able to do a headstand to have made it as a yogi or meditate on our yoga mat every day for 60mins. Yoga really is your own, it’s about you and it is up to you how you practice it.

A good friend of mine always uses the phrase ‘Motion is Lotion’ which is so true and the physical aspect of Yoga is just that. You are oiling your joints, stretching your muscles, mobilising your nerves, helping your circulatory and digestive system work and so much more. I always remind people that if you don’t use it…you loose it.

So move what you have in anyway that you can and enjoy it.

My top tips for getting into yoga:

  1. Drop any expectations and don’t beat yourself up when you cant step your leg through or hold downward facing dog straight away…who can! And if you are thinking ‘I don’t even know what these moves are’ then don’t worry…you soon will
  2. Wear something that you can move in, feels comfy and that wont end up around your neck with your tummy out when you are bending forwards or upside down ish. Tops that are fitted or can be tucked in are ideal p.s I love a tuck in… I think they are making a come back!
  3. Have some water handy
  4. If you are going to a class stand where you can see the instructor and feel comfortable
  5. If you are trying yoga online at home, look on You Tube and find an instructor that inspires you. You can type in 10mins yoga, yoga for beginners, 30mins gentle morning yoga etc…there really is so much out there and I am building my collection too so check those out. 
  6. If you don’t like one class try another. Every teacher is different and there are many styles of yoga out there too. Some fast, some slow, some more spiritual than others, some focusing on more on strength, some done in a warm room…so try a few different types
  7. Have fun

So all of you beginners out there wanting to try but nervous…don’t be. Give it a go. And remember to be kind to yourself, look after your body and love yourself.

Be bold, be brave, be you.

Lots of Love and Yorkshire Puddings 

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