Mindfulness for GP managers

  • Posted On: 20 April 2017
Mindfulness for GP managers

Last month I delivered a workshop on mindfulness for a group of Huddersfield based GP Managers at the John Smith Stadium. It wasn’t my usual gig…normally I don my bright coloured leggings and roll out my matt to deliver practical workshops teaching people how to breath and move their bodies…..but this time was different. Instead I left the house in a smart outfit with a bag filled with laptop, flip chart paper and pens (love abit of stationary) and my presentation on the wonderful effect that mindfulness can bring to help reduce stress and enhance wellbeing.

I entered a room of about 20-25 people who had been at work that morning and were listening to a presentation on sponsorship, figures and to be honest things that I knew nothing about but everyone was taking notes and it that sounded very important.

Then it was my turn….I started my presentation by asking everyone to think about the most demanding aspects of their role, what causes them the most stress and how they cope. This was so insightful. This group of people really do have to wear lots of hats throughout their day. From finance, HR, facilities, manning, safe guarding and lots of things in between. Emails keep coming, the phone keeps ringing, staff keep knocking at the door and that’s just the daily comings and goings without anything going wrong.

This group of people really are in a highly-stimulated environment which can be emotionally, physically and mentally stressful leaving them feeling drained as hey spin plates to keep the practice running smoothly.

So my workshop covered ways in which you can drop pieces of mindfulness into your day both outside and inside of working hours to make a difference. Mindfulness really needs us to be present, to skilfully participate in life and not worry about the future or think about the past. Mindfulness isn’t just mediating on a matt with your legs crossed…it is in everything that we do. Decision making, eating, planning and communication with self-awareness at the heart of everything that we do.

The group were great and engaged in all the activities which included group discussion’s and self reflection. I hope that the group manage to try some of the suggestions and feel the rewards of putting themselves first at the start of their day, taking time out of their working day to relax the nervous system and recharge.

So eat a healthy breakfast, take that walk at dinner, put a guided relaxation audio file on for 10 minutes, delegate more tasks, avoid decision fatigue by taking some decisions out of your day and making tasks easy and habitual. Be kind to yourself and guard your physical and mental health like the last Yorkshire pudding!

We are all human and are all trying our best so to all of you GP Managers out there…..please know that at the end of each day, despite not crossing everything off of your to do list, not filling out all of your paperwork or submitting all of your funding bids, that you have listened to all of your staffs concerns and problems, you have solved manning and staffing problems, rearranged clinics and safe guarded within the community.

You are doing a great job and thank you for what you do.

If you would like more information on Wellbeing packages that I deliver within the workplace please contact me.

Lots of love and Yorkshire puddings

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