Yorkshire Yogis Play date

  • Posted On: 4 May 2017
Yorkshire Yogis Play date

So during the Easter holidays I was lucky enough to spend some time with my family. The children of the family to be exact. I am lucky enough to have lots of little ones around me and to help out in the holidays I looked after the kids for a few days.

My nephew Gareth is 11 (12 next week 😊)) and loves anything to do with computer games and animals. He loves our cat Ollie and is such a kind loving lad. Caitlin my niece is 6 and loves anything to do with singing and dancing. She is full of beans and is a little entertainer. So having the two of them for few days was fun. My nephew Jax was at nursey so he didn’t come to stay and my youngest niece Alaina was born just last week so is just getting used to the world with my wonderful sister in law and brother. It is so great seeing the family grow and being able to spend quality time with everything.

Packed with climbing in Brighouse, feeding the local animals, film night, a visit to castle hill (standard 😊), swimming at Huddersfield leisure centre, baking buns and even abit of yoga it was great fun. But I have to be totally honest….I was exhausted! I don’t have children of my own yet and so am not used it the little ones. They are full of energy, enthusiasm, questions and ideas and as much as it is refreshing and inspiring it was also difficult to keep up with them…am I old?! Or are they just really young? I found myself coming out with phrases that my parents used to say like ‘can I have 5 minutes peace and quite please’ and ‘I’m just going to sit down so you guys start playing and ill join you soon’.

I was lucky enough to have my husband with us to help and the kids love him. I watch him with the kids and smile at the thought of what a great dad he will make one day. Not just yet but one day.

To all of the parents out there…..how do you do this day in day out? Respect to you all for balancing children, work, marriage, housework, friends and family and hobbies of your own. Here’s to family, friends, activity camps, wine, the outdoors, Disney, yoga and anything else that helps entertain the children and keeps you going! You all do a fantastic job. Never forget that.

Hope you all enjoyed your Easter holidays and quality time with your families.

Lots of love and Yorkshire puddings

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