Yoga and Thai

  • Posted On: 11 May 2017
Yoga and Thai

I love Yoga and love Thai food so bringing them together in a workshop felt like a great idea….and it was.
We were lucky to have our class at the Georgian Theatre Dance Studio in Richmond which was sweet around the corner from the main Theatre. A great venue for our small group of strength Yoga worrriors!...
It was a Strength Yoga workshop which included a 90min Vinyasa Flow Yoga class working through some progressive challenging sun salutations to build strength. As always, I forgot where I was in the flow, we enjoyed our plank holds, I got my left and rights mixed up, we did some horse lips to get us through and we had a good giggle…Jo even played the piano for us mid flow! ha. Everyone worked hard, challenged themselves and as a little treat we enjoyed a 20min relaxation at the end of the class.

Following the class some of us went onto the Thai where we sat and giggled our way through some shandy (well I’m a shandy pants anyway), ate some delicious food and enjoyed some friendly conversation. It was so nice to get to know people outside of class. We learnt that Mike is a Dentist, Lynn swam a mile last yr in open water, Jo used to get paid to be dunked under water in practice evacuation drills, Liz joined the army to climb Mt Everst (and is still waiting), Claire is training for the great north run this year and that I must pack a seperate bag that containeds my post yoga clothes to save me sitting in my brown shoes, bright yoga leggins and a nice top! I think I rocked the look tho :-)

My Workshops are more than Yoga on the matt…they also look at the ways in which we can take our yoga off the matt. Looking at how we can be mindful in the way that we nourish our bodies (but having balance at the heart of this...shandy included in the balance for me), stimulate our mind and inspire ourselves through connecting with others. They involve the crucial element of socialising, building friendships and having fun because I believe that this is so important. We are all in this together and the more we can stick together and support each other in a fun environment…the more enjoyable and easier life will seem.
For more information on my up and coming Events and Workshops visit my events page on my website and come and join the fun.
Lots of love and Yorkshire puddings

Yorkshire Yogi x

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