Prepare to relax this Christmas

All you need to know to help you log off and enjoy the festive period....

  • Posted On: 12 December 2017
Prepare to relax this Christmas

Yes, that's right... put things in place at work so that you can really switch off over Christmas. And I'm not just talking about your out of 'out of office' although that always feels great, doesn't it?! I'm talking about more than that. Here are my top tips to help you prepare for your Christmas break in the workplace:

1. Get organised. Write a list of your outstanding work and prioritise.

2. Manage your expectations. Manage how much you can get done before you break up and get them ticked off.

3. Clear out and sort your email inbox. It's one of those jobs that we all hate but feels so good once it’s done!

4. Prep for your return. On the last few days prep for your return. Reduce the anxiety and stress of not knowing what you're coming back to by knowing if you can.

5. Give yourself an hour. Set aside a settling back in hour to make a brew, say hello to your colleagues, log on (if you can remember your passwords!), pick up your emails and get back into the swing of work. Put it in the diary!

6. Everyone loves a fettle. Clear your desk space so that you are returning to an organised, fresh desk. And the fridge, don't forget the fridge!

7. Start your first day back with a smile. Write yourself a little note to return to 'Hello you legend. Happy 2018...lets do this' or something of your choice. (I am very cheesy!) Or print out a joke/your favourite quote and place it on your desk. Start your 2018 with a smile.

8. Enjoy writing your OOO notice they are the best.

9. High Five. Take a minute to look back at what you have achieved this year. Feel good about your achievements and remind yourself how awesome you are and how much you deserve this break. And smile about it, it always makes you feel better.

10. Start now. Don't leave it to the last day at work to get through this list. Start today.


So, there you have it, my top 10 tips to get you ready for the festive period. And do put your feet up. You've worked hard this year and you my friend, deserve every minute.


Lots of love and Yorkshire Christmas Puddings 


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