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  • Posted On: 17 February 2017

Last week I went into a company based in Leeming bar to deliver a yoga class to the staff.

The staff work so hard and it feels great to be able to go in and provide them with a space to relax and move their bodies which leaves them feeling ready and refreshed for the rest of their day.  The staff are very friendly and the space I use is a training room which is perfect to run the class in.  I do have to do a bit of a makeover before we start (do you remember the programme 60min makeover….I love that programme!)

I have been into the company a few times now. First offering a Christmas Wellbeing package of a yoga class, specialist massage appointments and then a relaxation class. This was a great half day package and the feedback from staff was so positive.... despite me calling someone the wrong name for the hour ….i'm like Dory from Finding Nemo, I can never remember names!

Following the Christmas Wellbeing intuitive the company’s People Manager, who is keen to look after her staff’s Wellbeing, was keen to book a block of sessions with me to come back and offer the staff a weekly class.

Getting to know the staff is lovely and during a chat after class a few members of staff mentioned that lower back pain was an issue for them due to either being active on the warehouse floor or because of them doing desk based roles.  For our next session, I am going to put together a healthy spines yoga class which will include some education on the body and spine with some top tips on how to look after their bodies throughout their day.

Empowering people to feel confident and take ownership of their health and wellbeing is something that I am passionate about. I believe that knowledge is power, and so educating people on anatomy and physiology is always a part of my yoga sessions which I feel really helps people visualise and understand their bodies and the many benefits that yoga can bring.

Here is some of the positive feedback I received: 

"From my point of view health and wellbeing of our staff has to be paramount as they are at the core of our business. By doing so we hope that our staff will feel real benefits, not just in the workplace, but in their overall health. It is also hoped this will aid our retention of our talented team here and attract others to become part of our business. You have demonstrated a great deal of experience, not just in the remit if the Yoga and Relaxation classes, but in overall health and wellbeing management. We have been able to get a variety of people with all sorts of abilities involved because you understand limitations and how to work around them. You also have a great attitude which is very uplifting and makes people want to learn more"

" I took part in the Yoga class on Friday 10th and even though I had to be persuaded to go quite enjoyed the experience. Kelly was very welcoming and discussed any concern the group had with issues they had and gave alternative exercises for people with particular problems and she made the class fun . The thing I enjoyed most about the class was a chance to get away from my desk and have three quarters of an hour having a fun work out without feeling that I had to compete with much fitter, younger people. At the end of the session I felt relaxed and proud of myself for having a go and as long as the class did not get anymore energetic would be happy to attend again."

"After the class felt relaxed and de-stressed. Yoga helps with the tension in my upper back and shoulders (from bad posture sitting at computer)
I really like the idea having Wellbeing day at work,Yoga classes are really good specially for me when I have to seat all day in front of my desk so a little bit stretching is really helpful."

Lots of love and Yorkshire puddings
Yorkshire Yogi x

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