A night at the palace with Adrian Mishler: Pure Inspiration

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touch, they must be felt with the heart”  -Helen Keller

  • Posted On: 17 January 2019
A night at the palace with Adrian Mishler: Pure Inspiration

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touch, they must be felt with the heart”

                                                                                                                        -Helen Keller

(I wrote this on my way home from the event back in Sept and have just finished it now in Jan….)



I am sat on the train heading back to Yorkshire after experiencing the Yoga with Adrian Roadshow event at Alexandra Palace last night. And what a night it was.


I first came across Adrian’s you tube videos 4 years ago when looking for someone to just tell me what to do in my home practice one morning. And I am so glad that I did.


For me, there is something so amazing about this lady. Her ability to bring yoga to everyone, no matter what level, and make it accessible inspired me. She also makes me smile and laugh too with her explanations, sense of humour and human touch to her videos.


Not only do I love her videos, kindness and guidance, but I love her personality too. Her bravery to be herself and her honestly is magic. 


I was so excited last night… 5 trains and 6hours of travel later, I found myself (and bump: 3months pregnant atm) amongst thousands of other yogis sat on my yoga mat at the palace-this huge space with low lighting, cool music and a sense of excitement in the air. I went with my lovely uni friend Nicola and it was so nice to share the experience with her. 


I couldn’t stop smiling as Adrian came onto the stage and started to talk. I had one of those moments of ‘omg she’s really here’.  I felt like I was in the tv with her! She was every bit like she is on the videos. Real, down to earth and engaging.


I loved the class. It was so empowering. I’ve been too busy ‘doing’ this year, that I’ve not gone to any workshops, retreats or classes just for me outside of my studio and it’s just what I needed. Time to feel, move and breath my way through her class.


She kept walking around and I got so giddy when she walked past…I couldn’t help it. We made eye contact…yep eye contact whilst in downward dog (I popped my head up anyway). It was great JA connection if only for a second with a smile. Trust me…it felt amazing. 


There was something so incredible about all of the yogis being together too! The energy was electic. All coming together on that night to practice together…lush. (Picture credits to Adrians intsagram page).


At the end of class, we cheered and stood up and her smile was infectious. 


I left the palace feeling inspired, content and fully connected with myself and those around me. She somehow has the ability to bring me back home.


What an incredible gift.


I didn’t get to meet her this time, one day I will. But I felt every word that she spoke. 


She inspires me to be myself both on and off the mat. To bring myself to the room when I teach (swearing and all…sorry about that) and to be my true self. And it’s amazing how many times I forget this with the craziness of life, expectations that I place upon myself and doubts that sometimes creep in about my ability. These are the two most common waves that I ride and they are getting easier but they still show up. 


I think it’s a good thing though. As I continue to scare myself with ideas and goals that I set myself. This year’s ideas were…” I think I’ll open my own studio and launch a wellbeing festival…yeh, why not!” 


Admittedly, not a great idea to do at the same time, but when given opportunities that make me feel excited…I have to say yes even if I have no idea where to start or how to do it! 


That’s all part of the journey right…figuring out how to make things happen and learning?


Each time I stretch and challenge myself, I grow. 


And for me, this is what life is about. But it’s also about slowing down to come home too. To feel connected, content and happy in your own skin. Truly happy. Easier said than done I know…but we must try.  Every day we must try.


As I sit her feeling inspired (nearly at Leeds now J), I know that I have to do something with this feeling. And so, it is my intension to pay this forward. To continue to do my part in the world and to continue to share my passion in my own unique way. 


I have had some head space since the festival and time to relax. I am finding that I have more time to be creative and on my list for a while now has been to make more videos to share with you all next year (Baby first tho J). I am excited to create some little gems for you to practice in the comfort of your own home as well as joining us for workshops and studio classes. 


Please let me know if you have any requests.


I am excited to be teaching this week and look forward to seeing you all in class.


Ok, it’s almost time to pack up so remember to be bold, be brave, be beautiful and to most importantly, to be you.


Lots of love and Yorkshire puddings

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