Motherhood after Birth Trauma

  • Posted On: 1 July 2022
Motherhood after Birth Trauma

Navigating motherhood after birth trauma can feel exhausting.


Your whole world has changed and so have you.


You maybe feeling things which you have never felt before. 


You maybe anxious and overwhelmed at daily tasks which would have felt effortless before. 


You maybe more irritable and snappy. You maybe experiencing repetitive negative or intrusive thoughts. 


You maybe behaving in ways which are out of character for you. Trying to control everything, becoming more withdrawn, less sociable or not feeling comfortable leaving your baby. 


All of a sudden, the world feels like a scary place.


Following a stressful, overwhelming or traumatic birth your body may become stuck in its stress response. 


Your nervous system doesn’t shift gear to a slower, safer, healthier and more connected state. It is still protecting you against a perceived danger. 


As a result, you may find yourself living in a constant threat response. In a constant state of fear. High alert. High arousal. 


This is tiring for your nervous system. Tiring for your body. Tiring for you. 


Often the body resorts to ‘shutting down’ and goes into a freeze state. This may leave you feeling withdrawn, low in energy and mood, depressed and feeling lost. 


You are not choosing to be this way. 


There is a reason you can’t just forget about it or snap out of this mood.


This is not your fault mama.


I know you don’t want to feel this way and you are trying your best to feel better.


I know you are tired and feel alone in this. 


I am here to help you.


There are ways to feel better and to heal. To bring you back to yourself.


The role I play in this, is to help you to understand what is happening and why you feel the way you do. To slowly guide your body out of its stress response. 


To slowly help your body to release tension, to find regulation, to feel safe in the world again and to move forwards with your life.


You can and you will feel better mama.


Sending you love and support today 

If I can support a community of women that you work with- please DM me. I would love to collaborate and support as many Women as possible.

Kel x

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