Signs that your nervous system is dysregulated postpartum...

  • Posted On: 12 August 2022
Signs that your nervous system is dysregulated postpartum...

Signs that your nervous system is dysregulated postpartum... 


Some of these to some extent are expected- you’ve given birth and are straight into sleep deprivation, hormonal fluctuations and the responsibility of being a mother.


Nothing is an issue until it’s an issue and three things to reflect on are:

1. Frequency 

2. Duration

3. Intensity


Asking yourself how often do I feel this way? How long does it last? How intense is the feeling? 


These questions can really help you to monitor if a fallout of nervous system dysregulation is increasing and is something which you may want some support with.




Nervous system Info…


A dysregulated nervous system is a sign of stress in your system.


Stressful events can be big or small and the negative effects of them can build up over time if not noticed and released.


A dysregulated nervous system can present in many ways and you may experience some symptoms more than others.


Often we don’t notice the effects of the small stressors and they stack up. 


They stack, stack, stack and then they surface. The body makes us listen.


If you can relate to feeling/experiencing any of the above- you are not alone.


The good news is that there are lots of free and easy tools that you can use to help yourself.


Try some of my suggestions on how to reduce your stress/treat response and regulate your NS and see how they make you feel.


Repeat them daily or as often as you feel that you need to. 


If you would like more help in connecting and listening to your body, in learning some self regulation tools and in releasing tension and stress from past experiences please contact me.


Sending you all lots of love.



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