A private class with The Pink Ladies

  • Posted On: 9 March 2017
A private class with The Pink Ladies

Last night I ran a private Yoga class for a group of friends who call themselves 'The Pink Ladies'. What an amazing group of ladies they are. They are incredibly supportive of each other, care for each other and above all they are all up for a giggle! We laughed from start to finish and I can honestly say that I enjoyed the class as much as they did!

The aim of the private class was to introduce the group of friends to yoga in a relaxed and fun environment, to empower them to feel at home in their bodies, promote self-care and self-love and to leave the ladies feeling refreshed, calm and full of body confidence.

Keep up your home practice ladies, checkout my up coming yoga for beginners video and until next time stay pink and loose!

If you would like a private class for you and your friends simply contact me.

Lots of love and Yorkshire puddings

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