Michelle Norton-Hughes

Hi Mama’s, 

I am Michelle, a mama to my cheeky daughter Arabella who at the time of writing this is 2 years old and into everything and then nothing within the same breath... Oh how we love the terrible twos! So when I am not being a mum, I am a Pelvic Health Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. I graduated from Southampton University in 2007 and have worked in the NHS, Chelsea Football club and have recently given up my 10 year career working with the military to pursue my passion projects, including this incredible business venture with my best friend Kelly alongside my private physiotherapy practice based in Hampshire. 

Kelly and I met way back when we were young free and single and working at Headley Court. At the time we were working with complex trauma injuries and training to complete ironman triathlons. I thought that was the hardest thing I would ever do, then I became a mother. As cliche as that may sound it is true. Despite being fit and active my whole life I have struggled with back pain, pelvic dysfunction and tummy issues. Treating a variety of clients throughout the years I was noticing a pattern and it appears I was not the only one. This has led me to explore more of the holistic side to treatment and thinking more about functional medicine to work on the root cause of our problems, treating the source not the symptoms. 

Ladies our bodies are incredible, I mean we grew humans from 2 tiny cells and I am here to help you learn and understand how your body can recover in such a way that if you don't already you will love your body and we won't just live in it we will heal, rebuild and thrive!