One to One Classes with Yorkshire Yogi


One to one sessions offer you a practice tailored to your body and focuses on benefiting your personal physical and mental wellness.

These sessions can be used to deepen your practice or introduce you to a yoga practice as a complete beginner. Either way you will experience a personal style of instruction that reacts to your body’s needs allowing you to build strength, flexibility and confidence in a safe and private environment. Often people are nervous to join a class and would like to /make sure that they are doing it right'. If this sounds familiar, then these sessions are for you.


Treat yourself to private Pilates session where the exercises and routine are solely focused on your body type and capability. You will receive one to one instruction that targets specific areas of your body to build strength and mobility. I will be able to tailor the session to work with and compliment your body’s needs. Perhaps after an injury or aches and pains collected during everyday life, I will ensure that you create strength and confidence that tunes and aligns your whole body.

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