One to One Sessions with

Kelly Thistlethwaite


If you would like more guidance through any of the stages of your postpartum recovery and reassurance that you are doing the right type of yoga series for you, then these 1:1 session are the perfect place to begin. Common physical areas of worry postpartum including prolapse, diastasis recti, c-section scar healing, tear site healing, pelvic girdle pain, SIJ pain etc. And this is for good reason. We often don’t know if movements will make it worse. Let me put you at ease and help you. 

I will tailor your yoga practice to your needs, and you can decide what type of practice you would benefit from on that day. I will explain any physical conditions that you might have as a result of your birth and guide you through specific postures to aid your recovery. 

Some days we need something gentler and others we want to work harder. Our energy levels fluctuate so much as mamas and so is our minds. If it’s more of a grounding meditation and gentle yoga practice that you need then that is what you will get.

Sessions are £30/hour

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If you would like to explore any of the topics that we cover in the Matrescence and Mindful Moments Series in more detail and have the opportunity for more guidance, then this is the space to do so.

We will arrange a time to sit down with a brew and talk things through. I will coach you by giving you space to talk, prompt you to think and understand your own thoughts with reflective question.

You will be held, seen and heard in these coaching sessions mama. 

Sessions are £30/hour.

Contact me to book your session today. 

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