Reducing Anxiety

Anxiety is felt in the mind and body. It plays out in our everyday and it can feel really controlling.

Let’s look at how increased and built up stress causes us to feel anxious….


The somatic and nervous system response to stress looks like this:

Stress causes an activation in our sympathetic nervous system (our fight or flight system).

This activation,if big enough, takes us above our window of tolerance and out of our capacity to ‘handle’ the experience.

When our system struggles to regulate and ‘come back down’ we can stay in this hyper aroused state.

This is where we can experience anxiety.

We experience:
➡️Stress hormones in the system
➡️Increased heart rate
➡️Gut ranching feeling
➡️Shortening of breath

The body is in a fear response and looking for treat.

It takes a lot of energy to stay here so our bodies will go to the next option to survive which is to drop us into a freeze response (a response which is apart of our parasympathetic NS but not the deep rest and restorative state) .

This takes us below our window of capacity/tolerance and we disconnect, feel numb and our body conserves energy (reduced metabolism, digestion, reduces circulation, gut function and impedes lymphatic system function).

A freeze state is tiring to uphold too. And we can often bounce above and below our window.

Feeling anxious then withdrawn. Feeling frantic and then low. 

This is exhausting and taxing for our system.

Here is how we can reduce our felt experience of anxiety and heal our NS:
💪NS education
💪NS regulation
💪Increase awareness of your bodies signs of stress 
💪Set healthy boundaries 
💪Give yourself time to heal

Seeking support from a councillor or psychologist is also helpful in understanding our experiences from a cognitive perspective ❤️

❤️We all have the capacity to heal. 
❤️We all have the capacity to feel safe, happy and well.
❤️We all are worthy and deserving of this 🙏


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