Anger and Resentment

Anger is an emotion that arises following an event where our brain thinks that there might be a threat.

If we perceive a situation to be harmful our sympathetic nervous system or threat response system is triggered.

This activation of our SNS results in:
💪increased cortisol levels: our bodies stress hormone
💪 increased norepinephrine causing our muscles to dump blood glucose and give us energy fast
💪a decrease in dopamine which is associated with pleasurable sensations, learning and memory and motor system function to name a few 
💪a decrease in Serotonin which helps to regulate your mood, sleep, digestion and more.

This is an automatic response in the body to respond to a threat. 

It is important to process and express this powerful emotion when it arises.


Why? Because the powerful energy needs to go somewhere. 

If it is suppressed then it is stored in the body and starts to affect our mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Unresolved anger can present in the following:
🔥Low mood
🔥Low energy
🔥 Decreased digestion
🔥Muscular tension
🔥Lack of motivation and creativity
🔥 Reduced sleep
🔥 Low sex drive
🔥 Anxiety and depression

So what can you do? 

Nervous system regulation is key to reducing symptoms of suppressed emotions like anger.

Following a stressful event it is important to return to a calm state- the parasympathetic nervous system response.

I support women to do this through Yoga and breathe work.

These two slow things down and help your body to return to a calm state:

😴 your heart rate reduces
😴 your blood pressure reduces
😴 digestion is stimulated
😴 Serotonin is released and your mood improves
😴 muscles loosen
😴 eyes soften 
😴 immune system gets back to work
😴 sleep is restored 

I also guide women through anger energy releases where I encourage you to shout, stamp your feet, bang the floor and scream- yep…an adult tantrum.

And it’s amazing.

I also coach women to seek what their anger is telling them. What is not ok? What boundaries were crossed? What needs to change?

Anger is one of my favourite emotions to work with: once it is released there is so much to gain.

If you would like to discuss in more detail how I can support or if you would like to book a session please contact me.

I look forward to supporting you.



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