Fertility Support

Trying to conceive is often a stresssful and worrying journey.


Finding professionals to support you and give you safe advice that you can trust is important.


I support women who are trying to conceive and on different fertility journeys by helping them to manage thir stress levels.


Reducing stress whilst trying to conceive is key and yoga and breathework can play a huge roll in this.


I provide you with infomation around the science of stress and our somatic and nervous system. I help you to idenitfy internal and external stress factors in your life and reduce them.


I share tools and techniques including nervous system regulation exercises, breathing exercises and yoga postures for each stage of your monthly cycle.


I provide you with recorded yoga classes to repeat at home at the different dtages of your cycle between sessions and i also send you some lovely yoga nidra recording to help reduce stress and enhance sleep quality.



I offer online appointments via zoom and in person appointments in Holmfirth, Huddersfield.


Free Discovery Call

I offer few 20 minute discovery calls over zoom. You can view my calander and book a dlot via the link below:

Book a free discovery call with Kelly


60 Minute Appointment

I have 60 minute online and in person appointments available which are £50/hr. You can aceess my online calacnder and book a session using the link below:

Book a 60 minute appointment with Kelly


If you have any questions please email me.


Thank you.