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Being a student isn't easy and exam time is challenging...I can remember it well. With symptoms of stress and anxiety showing up my mood was irritable and my confidence was I good enough to pass? Am I clever enough? Have I done enough revision? And the list goes on. I help students and staff reduce stress, muscle tension, and anxiety and improve sleep and confidence with my fun, friendly and informative workshops.

I offer workshops which can range from 60min to half and full day workshops and can be tailored to your students’ needs. Workshops can also be designed as a series over three/four month in the lead up to exams. My workshops can include:



Including topics such as stress and the effect that it has on the body, resilience, decision fatigue, sleep, nutrition, communication all related to revision periods and exam time.


Yoga Class:

Working through mobility exercises to help keep the body (esp the spine) healthy, improve posture and reduce muscular tension. My yoga classes are fully inclusive and adaptive to cater for all. Mindful movement not only has the above physical effect but it also helps to reduce stress, improve circulation, lymphatic drainage, and calm the nervous system and the mind.



Exploring ways that you can support yourself through exam time. Education on how to help look after your body and reduce muscular tension. Also, looking at implementing a healthy and effective morning routine which will aid focus and confidence and a nighttime routine to help relax the nervous system and mind to enhance sleep and recovery.


Guided Relaxation: 

Guided relaxation enables students to learn breathing exercises which are incredibly useful for anxiety, stress and improving sleep. They also improve concentration and focus. All of which are key for studying and retaining information. 


Top Tips sheet:

Your students will come away with information on tools to help them that they can implement straight away and help them through their exam period.


Each element is delivered in a fun, relatable manner and encourages students to reflect on what will work for them. Students will be given time to think about how to best work mindfulness and bodywork into their day and revision schedule as it will look different to everyone.


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Click on the video to watch or look at my youtube channel 'Yoga with Yorkshire Yogi'. There are several videos on my channel that will be useful for students to follow in the comfort of their own home as well as school.


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To find out more information about my packages and how I can help your students please email me at or call me on 07931 501 118.




"Every year I watch able students become more anxious in the preparation for their exams, they place themselves under huge pressure to do well which can affect not only their performance but their mental health. 
This year to promote a positive well being and mindset we explored some support for our students. Kelly came into work with year 12/13 students on the benefits of yoga and relaxation and also the effectiveness of breathing techniques. The sessions were so worthwhile and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive from the students-some staff came along too! Kelly is professional and calm and the students immediately liked her. Without doubt, we will use Kelly's package in future"
Caroline Lee-Head of Brighouse College, Huddersfield
"Kelly is so welcoming and open. She enabled me to relax when I was halfway through my revision schedule and two weeks before my first exam, something I hadn't managed to do for a long time! I left Kelly's yoga session feeling invigorated and almost carefree. If you struggle with anxiety or general stress, or if you simply want a method to relax, I would wholeheartedly recommend Kelly's yoga classes"
Head Girl-Brighouse Six Form College, Huddersfield



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