Trauma Informed Yoga



What does it mean to be Trauma Informed?


Trauma informed means to understanding the effects of high levels of stress and trauma on the body and nervous system. It means being able to identify signs and symptoms of high levels of stress and trauma (for example when a person is disocciating or anxious) and how to best facilite regulation and a sense of safety. 


I have indept understanding of:


Human physiology
Nervous system responses to stress and trauma 
Trauma triggers and grounding techniques

I understand: 


What a human needs to feel safe
What it means to be human with another person

I am skilled in:


Attunment to myself and others
Building trust with others
Deep listening


In trauma sensative yoga language, music, smells, postures and layout are all considered to reduce triggering and enhance a sense of safety throughout.

Clients are always in control of the pace and content of sessions and all client journeys start with education of the nervous system and orienting to establish a foundation of understadning, awearness and capacity before journeying through movement and breathwork.