In this class we take sequences from the primary series, fitting them into 75 minutes of traditionally guided intense practice. This class is for yogis looking to deepen their practice both physically and mentally. I would only recommend this class if you’re familiar with Ashtanga or have a regular practice in Vinyasa Flow.

Louise will be teaching a modified version of the Ashtanga primary series - a beginners friendly approach to Ashtanga Yoga. This is a vinyasa flow based yoga based on a sequence of postures to enhance flexibility, strength and unite the mind, body & breath.

This class incorporates foundational practices that will help to improve strength, flexibility and mobility and ease stress. Taught progressively, this is a gentle form of hatha yoga which is suitable for all abilities. Classes follow a structure which includes posture work and breathing practices, ending with a nurturing relaxation.

An embodied meditation in movement practice, Tao Yin, also known as Do-In, translates as ‘flow of energy’ and has its origins in ancient China. Similar in style to Qi Gong and Tai Chi, Tao Yin links flowing practices and self-massage to the meridians of the body. It helps to balance your energy and revitalise the body, mind and spirit, developing strength and flexibility. A beautiful invigorating practice.

Whether you're a practiced yogi or a complete novice, come get lifted with a Dynamic Hatha Practice.


Be guided through a series of postures that allow you to explore and mindfully connect to the wisdom of your body. The Yoga postures are held for a number of breaths to gain greater emphasis on alignment and with that, we can collectively trust what we discover, honouring our bodies capabilities and limitations - It is thee class to build your confidence in the yoga room and perfect your fundamental asana practice.


The smooth flow of postures will be synchronised to the breath in order to develop a true mind-body connection - This will allow you to leave feeling relaxed, in a blissed out, meditative state.


Join me on the mat, it’s an hour of goodness for your mind, body & soul!

We function in polarity. Hatha. Ha = sun, right, masculine, logic, strength. Tha = moon, left, feminine, intuition, tenderness.


Let us combine the two into wholeness through a series of postures that allow you to experience rebalancing, centering and grounding. The Yoga postures are held for a number of breaths to gain greater emphasis on alignment and with that, we can collectively trust what we discover, honouring our bodies capabilities and limitations - It is thee class to take your time, tune in and breathe.


The smooth flow of postures will be synchronised to the breath in order to develop a true mind-body connection - This will allow you to leave feeling relaxed, in a blissed out, meditative state.

Stretching young minds and imaginations - bring the family along for some quality time and yoga fun with Keri, ably assisted by Luca!

Salute the sun and worship the moon ... fly on a magic carpet ... adventure under the sea. 

Each week we lead you through fun story based postures, confidence building teamwork and relaxing mindfulness and breathing to finish.

Hatha Yoga is a gentle practice which will leave you feeling relaxed and calm. We start with breath work to relax your nervous system, heart rate, and blood pressure before working though postures to help mobiles and strength our bodies. This class is very mindful and is perfect after a busy stressful day.

Yoga means union, the joining or combing of two into one. By training your body to be strong, healthy and balanced you can begin to train the mind. It is here where the union can begin. During this beginner Hatha asana class we will work through postures to gain flexibility and strength in our physical bodies and use our breath to calm and concentrate our minds.

Beginners Pilates classes are suitable for everyone, especially for people who are new to Pilates and want to learn the basic principals. The main focus of these classes will be correct breathing and technique, both vital elements in making the most out of practising Pilates. We will also occasionally use small equipment, such as balls and bands, to increase muscle awareness and engagement.

These classes are a great way to help re-gain overall strength, tone and re-align with a combination of postnatal yoga,breathework and relaxation. Learn specially designed yoga movements with breathing techniques to help with fatigue and emotional instability sometimes associated with the post natal period. Relaxed, fun classes with baby by your side. A great opportunity for new mums to get together, with tea and cake to end!

Sivananda is taught as a classical form of hatha yoga - yoga for the body, mind and spirit. It focuses on 'proper' exercise, relaxation, positive thinking, diet and meditation.

Drawing primarily on this background my classes will introduce and guide you safely through the twelve basic Sivananda postures, flowing sun salutation (learning to link breath to posture), as well as meditation and relaxation techniques.

Postures are initially held for three to five rounds of breath with PLENTY of relaxation in-between AND don't worry I won't have you standing on your head in the first class (unless of course you want me to!).  At beginner to intermediate level we gradually work towards the more advanced postures using a range of preparatory exercises and gentle adjustments.

Class format:
a short relaxation to begin
warm up exercises for the lower and upper body
introduction to pranayama (yogic breathing exercises)
sun salutation
introduction to the 12 Sivananda postures - with appropriate adaptations depending on experience
final guided relaxation and head and shoulder massage
Expect to be gently challenged and relaxed in equal measure - I am a lively teacher who loves the classics with a side of fun!

A full mind and body workout that will help to improve muscular strength, core stability and coordination. The class is aimed at those who enjoy a more challenging workout. In particular the class would be of benefit to clients who practice Yoga, as well as sports people. 

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Vinyasa means to move or flow and is a sequence of postures seamlessly placed together to create heat, strength, and movement in the body, breath, and mind. This class is for beginners who are new to the practice and would like to learn more about vinyasa yoga. For each posture, different options will be given to ensure that you feel good and to inspire you with confidence in your body.

Vinyasa with Julio

This is a ‘fast’ flowing practice with relatively short holds and some repetition of sequences... I will be looking to follow the fundamentals of Vinyasa practice as taught by Krishnamacharya, the level of effort will be entirely up to you, I think the class would suit intermediate Students looking to become familiar with Vinyasa Krama, Rocket or Ashtanga, it will also suit keen beginners who don’t mind a little sweat! 

An ideal complement if you have a strong (Yang) vinyasa practice, pilates or other physical work out, or if you are looking to advance in the meditative aspects of Hatha yoga.  In Yin yoga we typically hold a sequence of postures for between two to five minutes, allowing the body time to rest and recover and the connective tissues to become stronger and longer, learning to surrender and relax into the postures. It is believed that Yin works on stimulating the same meridians used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The class will begin with a guided meditation and end with yoga nidra (yogic sleep) and massage to relax! 

Yin analogy - think deep tissue massage as oppose to aromatherapy massage! Students must be comfortable in seated and supine postures and be able to move easily to the ground - postures can be held for up to five minutes. Suitable for active beginners +.

Being a teenager is not easy. With the pressures and stress of school and exams playing a huge part in the rise of anxiety and poor mental wellbeing, it’s no wonder that your sleep and mood are affected. In this class we will work through some postures to help reduce muscle tension and build strength and some breathing techniques that will aid concentration, reduce stress and aid sleep.

This class is for all of you keen athletes out there: runners, cyclists, swimmers, Crossfit lovers, gym goers, footballers, rugby players…the works. If you often miss out the mobility and flexibility bit…this is for you. It’s great for injury prevention, performance enhancement and recovery. Join me for this class where we will be working through some postures in a vinyasa yoga style to pay attention to the areas of the body that you need.

In this class you will move from posture to posture in a flowing sequence connected by the breath. A gentle and energising class to ease the body and mind into the day. This class is suitable for all abilities.